Master Scott Studios

Policies & Practices

Trust & Privacy

Your photos are important to you. Whether you want photos for your personal or professional use. respect is always given to the fact that not everyone wants their photos to be displayed publicly. Which is why Master Scott Studios has a 100% privacy guarantee.

All photos & videos are edited on a protected computer that never connects to the internet. Thus insuring your privacy & protection.


When you book with Master Scott Studios, you'll find that your comfort is the top priority.

If it's a pose, the setting, even the air temperature that is making it difficult for you to truly enjoy your photo shoot, just let me know and I will do everything I can to accommodate and make things more comfortable for you. 

Remember, you are the top priority when you shoot with Master Scott Studios.

Client Information & Photo Protection Act

C.I.P.P.A. is governed by a strict code of conduct and actions which insures your photos never end up where you don't want them to be.

When you pay for photos, you should be the only one who decides where your photos go.

If you'd like to book your photo shoot:

Call: (619) 495-8242 or Email me in the box below

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