Master Scott Studios

"A picture will show you what they look like, but a photograph will show you how they feel." 


Hi!, My name is Scott and I am the owner of Master Scott Studios. 
I love seeing that "WOW" look on a person's face when they see themselves in my photograph. 
I have been a photographer for a few years now, and like a lot of new generation photographers, I started taking pictures when I got my first smartphone. 

It didn't take long for me to notice I wasn't taking pictures after all, i was taking photographs. I would capture how the models looked and their emotions in the moment. 
As my skills grew so did my knowledge about photography, thus I decided to upgrade form a smartphone to a dedicated camera. 

I went from taking lose "pics" of my friends to taking photographs of the world around me. I started truly capturing moments in time, and more depth of emotions and expressions than i ever could with just my smartphone. Still, my heart was alway with a focus on people and connecting with them through the art of photography. 

"You are limited only by your imagination and your camera's capabilities." 

I can truly say, becoming a photographer was the best thing I've done, and channeling this talent into my own business was the smartest investment I have made.

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